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Drupal Bulk Update

Submitted by Trevor on
It's Drupal Security Update Wedesday - you've got a security update that makes a simple change, which you've tested and feel pretty confident you can safely deploy to your servers without much human intervention. But running composer update and getting everything set up is a lot of work. Here's a script I've written that creates a new branch for your drupal update and pushes the changes to your dev and main branch. Behold "automated_update":
#!/usr/bin/php <?php function pause($message) { print "$message\n"; $stdin = fopen('php://stdin', 'r'); $response = fgetc($stdin); } if (empty($argv[1])) { print "Usage ./automated_update <directory>\n"; die; } $directory = rtrim($argv[1],'/'); if (!is_dir($directory)) { print "$directory is not a directory!\n"; die; } $date = date("Ymd-his"); $branch = "feature/$directory-$date/automated_update"; print "Creating $branch\n"; $cmd = shell_exec(" cd $directory && git checkout main && git pull && lando rebuild -y && rm -rf vendor && lando composer update && lando drush updb -y && lando drush cex -y && git checkout -b $branch && git add composer.lock config && git status 2>&1 "); echo $cmd; pause('Hit ENTER to continue...'); $cmd = shell_exec(" cd $directory && git commit -m 'Automated Update' && git push --set-upstream origin $branch && git checkout dev && git merge $branch && git push && git checkout main && git merge $branch && git push ");
automated_update - a script for bulk updating drupal sites with lando, composer and drush
Note that this is NOT a replacement for proper testing. All this does is create a new branch with all the updates composer update wants to run, and merges the changes to the dev and main branch. It does have a pause so you can see the composer changes before you merge to dev and main - a human sanity check. Additionally, this script doesn't actually deploy changes to your website. I use Jenkins to manually deploy first to my dev sites, check that they're working as expected, and then deploy to main. Still, this automated_update script has saved me a lot of time dancing the same moves around lando, composer, and drush for a dozen sites.